Terry Husebye is an advertising location photographer known for his warm, often humorous, and always believable portrayals of the human condition. He's also known for his ability to find or create meaningful pictures in the manmade and natural landscape - to reveal clarity, to paraphrase John Szarkowski, within the prickly thickets of unordered sensation.

He came to Commercial Photography with a broad education and success in the Fine Art realm. His best pictures are driven by ideas, but not at the expense of technique. He possesses a highly developed sense of craft and a hearty dose of perfectionism.

His location expertise is built on curiosity, extensive travel, and worldwide shooting experience. His productions are informed by fifteen years of experience in the business, and he prides himself on the quality of his crew.

Terry knows how to take you to places you might want to go.
A sense of adventure and appropriate footwear required.